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Craig Richardsons Dart Kitten for FS9 Please note this model has been modified with a new Flight file and CFG to better portray the Kittens performance Having seen it fly at old Warden in the mid 60s -EXT was and still is a regular visitor there - However the JAP engine did not give it aerobatic capability 00 Brian Horsey has captured the feel of Craig's beautiful model - and we also added Don Putnams Turbulent Limbach sound file which is as close as you can get at present. Please enjoy this addition to the FS9 stable of British General Aviation - and if your not in a hurry take it out and enjoy the UK VFR scenery
Submitted By:
Leif Harding (LeifH)
Submitted On:
17 May 2009
File Size:
8,713.37 Kb
File Author:
Craig Richardson
Submitted On:
07 Nov 2008
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Ian Southward 2012-08-18 11:54:01 its a joy to fly this vfr. Brilliant. Barton-LBA via pole hill my most fave flight