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Craig Richardson's Sopwith Tabloid for FS9 two version's - stock landplane and Schneider Trophy racer on floats. The Sopwith Tabloid was constructed in 1913 as two-seater racing aeroplane. The design was one of extreme simplicity. The engine was the popular 80 h.p. Gnome rotary enclosed in a peculiar metal cowling, with two small cooling slots in front. The fuselage, a wire-braced woods box girder, was rather broad, for the pilot and passenger sat side by side in the one cockpit. The wings were of usual fabric-covered wooden construction, with raked tips. Wing warping was used for lateral control. The undercarriage was equipped with twin skids. Flown by Harry Hawker, the Tabloid performed excellently on test at Farnborough. reaching a speed of 92 m.p.h and climbing to 1,200 feet in one minute, with pilot. passenger and fuel for two and a half hours' flying. Its first public appearance at Hendon was sensational; it easily outclassed the monoplane, which had hitherto been supreme. The original machine was taken by Hawker to Australia- he returned in June 1914; by then the aeroplane had a plain vee undercarriage and the fabric had been removed from the rear end of the fuselage. On April 20th, 1914, Howard Pixton, who had take over Hawker's duties, piloted a seaplane version of the Tabloid to victory in the Schneider Trophy race. This model had the 100 h.p. Gnome Monosoupape engine and plain rudder and fin. Production commenced in the spring of 1914 for both the R.F.C. and R.N.A.S. The service machines were single seaters, had rudders and fins resembling those of the Schneider seaplane, and twin-skid undercarriages. A few had extra bracing struts to each skid. (courtesy of Air Racing Classics)
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Leif Harding (LeifH)
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17 May 2009
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Craig Richardson
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06 Feb 2009
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