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=================================================================== FS2004 Taylorcraft Auster MkV =================================================================== The Auster's ability to get in and out of small, rough fields made it a very successful "spotter" plane during WWII. From a standing start, it can take off in about 70 meters and maintain a climb of 1000ft/min to clear obstacles. This particular aircraft is owned and regularly flown by author and historian J.W.Illsley. He has restored the aircraft to its original WWII South African Air Force livery. Model, flight dynamics, textures and panel by Björn Büchner Because of the renewed interest caused by Peter Watkins paints of this aircraft , Bjorn has very kindly allowed us to republish it.
Submitted By:
Leif Harding (LeifH)
Submitted On:
17 May 2009
File Size:
2,038.58 Kb
File Author:
Björn Büchner
Submitted On:
14 Feb 2009
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