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Percival Q6 Petrel



The Q6 was designed in 1936 & first flew in 1937. Designed as a 6/7 seater 'feederliner',  26 being produced of which 4 were manufactured with a retractable undercarriage. This model covers the fixed undercarriage version & in particular the only aircraft extant of the breed, which is undergoing a lengthy renovation. Two versions of each texture (Civil or Military impressed) are provided, one where the interior views show the occupants & one that does not.

The pilot can be excluded from the exterior view using the Water Rudder command and the passengers & baggage can be removed or added using the on screen dropdown payload options.

Please be sure to read the notes before take off, or else do not grouse if you have trouble!

Designed to work in FS9 (2004), but will port over to FSX with a couple of exceptions which are explained in the notes.

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Keith Paine (Keith Paine)
Submitted On:
19 Dec 2011
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6,662.74 Kb
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Keith Paine
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18 Dec 2011
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Graham Child 2011-12-19 09:45:58 Thanks very much Keith