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The Heston Aircraft Company was set up in 1934 after the closure of the Comper Aircraft Co. Ltd.
The Phoenix was an orthodox shaped high-winged single engine monoplane  designed to carry four passengers plus pilot and luggage; however it had some unorthodox features.
It was one of the first aircraft of its time to be fitted with a fully retractable hydraulically operated undercarriage.
The cabin was of generous proportions and was noted for being very quiet.
Only six aircraft were built before the war clouds gathered. The latter three aircraft (MK2) were fitted with a slightly more powerful D.H.Gipsy 6 series 2 engine and a dual-pitch propeller. There are no aircraft of the type around today.

 The sound set is aliased tothe default FS9 D.H. Comet.
A much more realistic sound set is 'Proctor sounds' by Gary Jones which is better suited to this engine.
You may download it from the 'Sounds' section of the library here.

I'm reliably informed that this aircraft will work in FSX with the usual provisos.

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David Molyneaux (Molyned)
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04 Jan 2012
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Copyright: This aircraft is released as Freeware. The aircraft may not be sold or included on a CD /DVD or hosted on another web-site without my prior agreement. Copyright (C) David Molyneaux 2011. All rights reserved.
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David Molyneaux
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04 Jan 2012
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Graham Child 2012-01-04 08:55:27 Many thanks for another rare breed
David Molyneaux 2012-01-05 11:35:20 Thanks Graham :)