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TOPIC: Soon...in a Sim Near You!!!

Soon...in a Sim Near You!!! 6 years 7 months ago #20126

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Bartholemew Frangazza was eventually laid off as captain of AlpesAir Airlines since he was caught chasing women
in every stop in the shuttle schedule. Sixteen times was enough for management and off he went. After spending
eight months doing nothing and spending all the money he had, he meet Obungo Stubbio, bush pilot from the Republic of the Congo.
Obungo proposed to him to join him in developing a Bush Pilot School in his country. With nothing to loose
and very eager to fly again, Bartholomew accepted.
After two years the AFAM Bush Pilot school in the jungle of the Congo has become the leader in the training of
future Bush pilots in Africa and other countries. Pilots from all over have graduated from its classes and have,
at least some of them, made many dangerous bush flights and still do so. How you join or get in the school?...


1) Pilots must have at least 20 hours of total VFR flight

2) Pilots must like mosquitoes, slimy bugs and women galore since there are many in and around the school ( the Mosquitoes and bugs that is).

First Time Curriculum:

3) Must have made at least 3 short field take offs and 2 short field landings(??????)

4) Fly at least the forsaken Cessna 172, 182, Austers or other aircraft in that range

5) Make with a instructor several landings in Bokuro´s 1500 ft landing strip, make several landings in Pingala´s
tiny winny airfield owned by chief Bawala and sisters and make a tour by himself of these and other smallish airfields near and not to near the school then return to the school in one piece and have a complete bottle of "African Sugar Muggle" standing on one foot.

Once all this has come to pass the pilot will receive the school´s Diploma and Tin Wings......the second course
is available if the first is passed and the pilot at large has a twin engine permit.

Next Course.....April 17 onwards......payments can be in Dollars, Euros, Makombos, PayPal and Non America Bank Transfers.(Check with your Bank, many have been banned by the School due to shabby practices!!)

Special for April: Three boxes of hot Pop Corn, a Playboy Magazine (circa 1965) and a pair of rubber boots.

In a Sim Near You soon............:woohoo: :woohoo:
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Re:Soon...in a Sim Near You!!! 6 years 7 months ago #20127

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Too Funny Gera!!!

We need you to come and fly for our Virtual Airline :)

Venture Hawaii --- you can fly in FSX We use (amongst alot of others) Rick Pipers
748 Derek Palmers Dove, Dave Garwoods Rapide.

There you go

<<In the early morning rain, with a dollar in my hand>>
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