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TOPIC: FSX-- " The Sacred Ledge"

FSX-- " The Sacred Ledge" 6 years 2 months ago #23335

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Better known as : "The ledge of the god with the ball"

Nepal is a land of wonder, huge mountains and where the Lamas chant to their gods. For many years it has been running, in the history classes of many world universities that it is here that the "child god -Hig Chui- played ball". The exact place where he did so is very much a secret of the monks of the " Aerial Divine Wind".
Phillip Crustaseos Pickering, well know adventurer is now very near where this place should be!!!!!...Monk Fong-Wun-Tuk, has revealed to him the whole and true story which goes something like this:---- Little Hig-Chui used to play in the park of the gods with his golden ball for centuries until one day he kicked the ball so hard it flew to the galaxy of the old god Fon-Fong braking his favorite widow facing the Crab Nebula. He was so infuriated by this outrage from the smallest of the gods that he made a specially "small ledge" in the mountains of Nepal and sent tiny Chui to play there for the rest of eternity!!!!. The ledge is still there and the Monastry of the Golden Balls is there to honor little Hig Chui, according to Lama Fong.
Will you dare take Phillip to the "ledge"???...many pilots have tried and never returned. Lukla and Ku-kle, airfields in Nepal known for their very dangerous appraches are " baby food or popcycles" compared to the "ledge┬┤s possible landing area"......yes, piloto......the "ledge" is waiting to greet you with its unhealthy small ball playing field............a very dangerous, outrageous, and awfull place to try to land in the deep gorges of the icy mountains of the gods of Nepal.... :woohoo: :woohoo:

Uploaded today.....

Note: The default aircraft is the "Percival Proctor" which you can download here.
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Re:FSX-- " The Sacred Ledge" 6 years 2 months ago #23336

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Thanks Gera

We will get it up asap

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