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TOPIC: About as Classic Canadian as Yukon Get

Re: About as Classic Canadian as Yukon Get 4 years 4 months ago #35281

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Latest news on the CL-44 project

After fighting the FS9 poly limit trying to get a reasonable amount of detail in, it was more than apparent that I wanted more, and the larger J could not even have the detail in the D4

So I carried on with beta 4 for the testers, but withdrew Flying Tiger from that with an idea of finding the unlimited poly work around and making it work.or at least find some way of getting nearer what I wanted.

I did find it and I did get it to work

it does have it's moment but I am able to produce a model that is now a lot bigger than the previous

Flying Tiger has been modelled to represent the Canadair container system is a non animated lift. There are ten containers on the main deck, a pallet of mixed cargo in the forward bulk and a light load of boxes in the tail.

The under fuse fwd baggage hold opens revelling some Canadair underfuse freight containers and mixed cargo and containers can be seen under the floor through the open tail. CL-44 did not usually carry freight in the tail and the weights and balances reflect this is a zero load there to maintain proper CofG of the model

Because of this, the rear freight is not visible unless one pound is entered into the tail staion. All other main deck and underfloor is linked to load staion that is reduced then the load in that station disappears.

There is a set of ladder type steps (Airliner versions have a posher airline type) at the front and rear pax doors. There is a wider set at the front cargo door and again at the tail break

Wheel chocks and a GPU have been added as well as a second set of wheel so I can at last have them spinning properly.

Fraser's panel has continued to be upgraded as we go along.

The lead model, the Flying Tiger is now in it's release form although still subject to testing and tweaking.

Some pics...the first two show the different front steps dependant on whether its the cargo door of the freight door open.

Test model use to check the load working properly shows what's in there

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Re: About as Classic Canadian as Yukon Get 4 years 4 months ago #35282

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One word: Amazing!!!!

KJMS (or thereabouts)

"...now let's get this thing on the hump - we've got some flyin' to do!" ~ Major Kong
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